ZX Touch

ZX Spectrum handheld console


  • 7″ touchscreen display (1024×600 resolution)
  • 8 tactile buttons
  • Analog joystick
  • 48k/128k ZX Spectrum emulation
  • Built-in games
  • Full virtual ZX Spectrum keyboard
  • Saving/loading game positions
  • SD card slot for external game storage
  • WiFi ready*
  • AY/Beeper sound mixer
  • ULAplus™ colors
  • 3000mAh battery
  • Up to 6 hours of gaming on a single charge
  • Power supply: 5VDC/1A (USB-C) 

Discover the ZX Touch – Your Gateway to Retro Gaming Bliss!

Welcome to the official webpage of the ZX-Touch, a handheld gaming console designed to transport you back to the golden era of gaming with its unique retro experience. Drawing inspiration from the beloved ZX Spectrum computer of the 1980s, the ZX-Touch brings the nostalgic charm of classic gaming into the palm of your hands.

Immersive Design:

The ZX-Touch boasts a meticulously crafted design, featuring a 7″ high-resolution touch-screen display, 8 premium tactile buttons, and a responsive analog joystick. This compact console ensures a comfortable gaming experience, allowing you to lose yourself in hours of gaming enjoyment.

Games Library:

While the ZX-Touch comes pre-loaded with a selection of licensed built-in games, it truly shines with its compatibility for thousands of games originally written for the ZX Spectrum. Simply load them from your SD card and relive the magic of classic gaming.

Customizable Controls:

Tailor your gaming experience with highly configurable controls. Map each button or joystick direction to your preferred keyboard keys or joystick directions, and fine-tune AY sound per channel using the touchscreen mixer. Save and load configurations effortlessly for each specific game.


During August 2024, the ZX Touch carrying case will become available. Specifically designed for the ZXT console, it features a foldable stand with two positions, a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, and a USB-A to USB-C adapter for connecting to PD USB-C AC charging adapters. The large virtual keyboard showcased in the video will be included in the upcoming firmware update.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this rebaged generic console with adopted android emulator?

No, it’s not! Hardware and software of ZX Touch is developed from scratch with intention to be ZX Spectrum game console.
In fact there is no any OS inside, sotware inside is pure c/c++ code running on embedded High-performace ARM Cortex-M7 480Mhz MCU.

How many built-in games come with ZX Touch?

ZX Touch currently includes 22 built-in games. Obtaining licenses from the respective authors is a crucial step for each embedded game. As a dynamic and evolving product, ZX Touch is designed to receive regular software upgrades, ensuring a continual expansion of the game library. Additionally, users have the flexibility to load thousands of ZX Spectrum games onto the device through its SD memory card slot.

Is this ZX Spectrum clone or emulator?

This is not ZX Spectrum clone, it is an “bare metal” emulator.

Which ZX Spectrum ROM is employed for emulation?

To address uncertainties surrounding the license status of the original ZX Spectrum 48k/128k ROMs, ZX Touch is equipped with a pre-installed SE Basic ROM released under the GPL v2 license. While there is a general consensus that original ROMs can be utilized in emulators and are accessible on the Internet, the ZX Touch user has the option to place them on the SD card, ensuring full compatibility that SE Basic might not offer.

What does ‘WiFi Ready’ signify?

‘WiFi Ready’ indicates that the device contains WiFi hardware, although it is currently inactive. The forthcoming firmware updates will unlock WiFi functionality, allowing users to access features such as game loading through an internet service or their personal computer in future versions.

Is ULAplus™ supported?

ULAplus™ replacement of the original Spectrum palette with a 64-bit color palette is supported. However, Timex graphics modes are currently not supported.

Which file formats can be loaded from the SD card?

ZX Touch supports the loading of TAP, SNA, Z80 and TRD file formats. It’s important to note that for loading TRD files, the presence of TRDOS ROM on the SD card is required. Although the copyright owner of TRDOS ROM is currently unknown, it can be acquired by downloading it from the internet or finding it in certain emulator distributions.

What type of micro SD card can I use?

Micro SD cards differ in speed and capacity. ZX Touch is compatible with any type of micro SD card, but it requires formatting to the FAT32 file system. However, it’s important to note that Windows OS doesn’t support FAT32 formatting for cards larger than 32GB. In such cases, special formatting applications like Rufus are necessary.

What should I do if my fire button wears out?

The ZX Touch is crafted for extended durability, surpassing the lifespan of typical consumer electronics. To address wear and tear, the d-pads are constructed on special PCB boards, allowing for straightforward replacement using a standard Philips screwdriver. Individual parts of the console, such as buttons, joystick, battery, speaker, and screen with the front cover, are available for separate order as spare parts. The replacement process is user-friendly and does not necessitate specialized skills.

How can I charge the ZX Touch battery?

The console does not include an AC adapter for charging, but it features a standard USB-C port. You can use any AC adapter featuring a USB-A output, paired with a cable equipped with a USB-C connector at the opposite end.